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External signage is the way to make your company visible and recognisable on the market Show others what you have got to offer. How can you be contacted and where your company can be found. Stand out in tangle of information.

Shop fascia

  • Shop fascia are also known as shop front signs. It’s a wide range of signs that make your shop really noticeable.

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Shop signs

  • All kinds of catchy signs that can be used outside and inside your shop and make it more noticeable.

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Post signs

  • a kind of a sign that is mounted on the post and concreted to the ground
  • can be sophistically designed as a totem erected next to the driveway of the firm or company
  • a simple road sign or a tablet on the lawn like "clean up after your dog"
  • various boards with the index of companies in the industrial estate area providing maps and lists of units



Building signs

  • different types of signs mounted on the buildings
  • fitted up to doors and walls
  • range from elegant front panels, marking panels, plaques to light boxes
  • or various trays made of aluminum and composite materials (dibond, skybond etc.)

Illuminated signage

  • a form of illuminated advertisement (illuminated signs, neon signs, lighted signs)
  • usually being lighten up by the outside source of light
  • nearly every kind of outdoor and indoor advertisement can be illuminated (lighted indoor displays, light boxes, LED Lighted Signs and Letters)
  • appears to be very attractive and distinctive feature of the place
  • very advantageous for shops
  • provides visibility during day and night


  • designing bespoke plaques to mark an area of importance
  • as a standard reception
  • for a special opening with a plaque
  • from brass, acrylic, Perspex and frosted glass

A boards and pavement signs

  • a wide range of quality materials, sizes and methods used to manufacture a moveable board
  • mobile, light and easy to fold, most often to be placed on the pavement
  • interesting examples of how your advertisement can get you closer to your clients
  • can satisfy the most demanding requirements


Projecting signs

  • a sort of the projecting sign mounted to the building
  • can be designed with interesting brackets and nicely sticking out of the wall
  • sign trays mounted onto metal brackets allow you to incorporate projecting signs into your overall image
  • can be fitted as very simple or elegant ones, like projecting light box
  • made of different materials like Perspex, acrylic, composite materials (dibond, skybond) with stainless steel or aluminum frames

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